Oliver Cabell

Oliver Cabell — the independent footwear brand — was built on the converging disciplines of art, craft, and technology. We hand make footwear using old-school techniques coupled with the latest technology, then offer them to you, minus the markups.

What we make:
Quite simply: perfect, timeless footwear. Our shoes are hand crafted using the best, most ethical factories and materials in the world..

How we do it:
We took the direct-to-consumer approach. Our shoes are made with the same top quality materials as other premium footwear brands. But our overhead is much lower, and we pass these savings on to you.

Unusual Suspect:
In 2016, a then 27-year-old Scott Gabrielson left his job at a non-profit and moved to England to start a business. With no fashion, retail, or start-up experience, Scott relied on his passion for balanced design and quality products to launch Oliver Cabell. While the team has grown and relocated to the U.S. since then, we’re held together by a shared passion for seeing things differently and challenging the status quo.

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