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Stock Clearance Range At ESE Direct

ESE Direct are delighted to bring you their Stock Clearance products this week. This section of the website will be constantly updated with new products that ESE Direct are able to offer great discounts on. Below we have picked out some great items that feature in the range, but to find out more please click here.



12″ Desk / Floor Fans

12″ Desk / Floor Fans While quite a lot of modern offices are now fitted with air conditioning it's still difficult to keep everyone happy, for some employees sitting directly underneath the system it can be too cold and for others sitting further away it may be too warm. Striking that perfect balance can be near on impossible.

Was from £26.59 Now £18.10 (ex.VAT)

Adjustable Ratcheting Cargo Bars

Adjustable Ratcheting Cargo Bars Cargo bars are commonly used to stop cargo from shifting during transportation. Whilst transporting value produce to its destination you want to avoid any potential damage which can be caused by items shifting around, while other solutions like ratchet straps and tie downs are available they may not always be suitable due to the nature of the cargo.

Was from £19.78 Now £14.96 (ex.VAT)

Economy Slimline Key Cabinets 72 to 96 key capacity

Economy Slimline Key Cabinets 72 to 96 key capacity The Economy Slimline Key Cabinet is a cost-effective solution for the daily management of key access. This low cost key cabinet isn’t just another type of key holder—it specialises in ensuring organised storage and easy retrieval of keys.

Was from £57.13 Now £21.14 (ex.VAT)

Heavy Duty 3 Drawer Tool Storage Cabinet

Heavy Duty 3 Drawer Tool Storage Cabinet In garages, workshops and on construction sites keeping your tools secure and more importantly organised is essential, the last thing you want to be doing is hunting around for a 1/4" spanner which could be anywhere! These heavy duty 3 drawer cabinets are the perfect solution.

Was from £94.05 Now £28.55 (ex.VAT)

Industrial Flatbed Platform Truck 250kg Capacity

Industrial Flatbed Platform Truck 250kg Capacity Transport your cargo from A to B with ease thanks to this industrial platform truck with a lipped flatbed. This industrial platform truck is perfect for use in warehouses, distribution depots and many other environments where multiple products need to transported short distances.

Was from £110.20 Now £88.30 (ex.VAT)

Lightweight Folding Carrier

Lightweight Folding Carrier Transport heavy bags, cases and boxes with this lightweight carrier trolley. This portable carrier trolley can be folded for compact storage and with the addition of the retaining strap supplied with the carrier the loads can be secured during transportation.

Was from £16.14 Now £10.88 (ex.VAT)

Puncture Proof Heavy Duty Wheelbarrows

Puncture Proof Heavy Duty Wheelbarrows These heavy duty wheelbarrows have been specially selected to offer a really strong well built product which offers peace of mind when it comes to flat tyres and punctures.

Our Price £29.35 (Ex.VAT)

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