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Pets Products At Expert Verdict

Expert Verdict are delighted to bring you their Pets Products range this week. A superb range bursting full of treats and practical items for pet owners, you will find something to suit all your needs here at Expert Verdict. Please note you can still use the code 10EA to get Free Delivery when you spend £60 or more on your order. To view the full Pets Products range please click here



Pet Drying Mitts

Pet Drying Mitts Save time and effort whenever you have a soggy doggy on your hands. Far more efficient than an ordinary towel, these highly-absorbent microfibre mitts soak up excess water really fast.

Our Price £14.95

Dooup Pet Waste Collector

Dooup Pet Waste Collector Invented by a British family who loved their dog, but hated picking up her mess in the garden, this unique device clears up dog poo quickly and hygienically.

Our Price £79.95

Zip-up Rear Car Seat Pet Cradle

Zip-up Rear Car Seat Pet Cradle All other rear seat covers we’ve tested have either only covered the seat itself or swung like an open-ended hammock; so they don’t protect your doors or windows from hair, dirt and slobber! They also allowed smaller dogs to slip down into the footwell.

Our Price £19.95

Acquiesce Bark Controller

Acquiesce Bark Controller Shouting at barking dogs is rarely effective – they just think you’re joining in! However, this new ultrasonic trainer uses technology based on the Pavlovian Technique and really works.

Our Price £49.95

Senior Gold 7+ Dog Bed, Small

Senior Gold 7+ Dog Bed, Small Senior Gold 7+ has been specifically developed in the UK to provide the best possible therapeutic bed for older dogs.

Our Price £14.95

Flectalon Dog Jacket 12″

Flectalon Dog Jacket 12″ The best dog jacket we've ever come across, this all-weather coat will keep your pet safe, warm and dry. The Flecta is made in Britain from Flectalon®, a patented fabric that uses NASA technology to reflect up to 95% of radiated body heat

Our Price £24.95

PlaqueOff ™ Animal

PlaqueOff ™ Animal If your dog or cat has bad breath, plaque is usually the cause, and left untreated it can lead to gum disease, tartar and decay. Yet most owners don’t brush their pets’ teeth regularly, if at all.

Our Price £14.95

Cool Dog Bed Pad

Cool Dog Bed Pad This revolutionary cool dog bed pad will keep even long-haired pets cool in hot summer weather. Simply weight- or pressure-activated, it needs no water, electricity or refrigeration.

Our Price £17.95

Up & In Dog Harness

Up & In Dog Harness If your pet is growing old or arthritic, give him a helping hand into your car without straining your back. Simply attach this custom-designed harness around your dog’s torso, get him to place his front paws on the car bumper or sill, then give the “Up” command and help lift him in.

Our Price £14.95

Luxury Fur Sofa Saver Pet Bed

Luxury Fur Sofa Saver Pet Bed For pets that prefer your sofa to their own designated bed here’s a clever compromise that will keep you both happy. Made in England, the Sofa Saver is designed to sit on any sofa, protecting it from pet hair and dirty paws.

Our Price £39.95

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