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More Items Added To The 50% Off Sale At Royal Doulton

The Royal Doulton Summer Sale Continues with HUGE savings of up to 50% Off. Shop selected tableware, gifts and accessories.

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1815 Blue 16 Piece Set

1815 Blue 16 Piece Set This 16-piece dinnerware set includes 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates, 4 All purpose bowls and 4 mugs; all rendered in porcelain with a simple, but striking silhouette and subtle blue glaze.

Was £90.00 Now £72.00

1815 Blue Casserole

1815 Blue Casserole This blue Casserole is rendered in porcelain with a simple, but striking silhouette and subtle blue glaze.

Was £65.00 Now £52.00

Dorchester Votive

Dorchester Votive Bring a little light to any corner of the home with this elegant Dorchester Votive, which radiates the glow of a tealight or candle beautifully.

Was £27.50 Now £20.63

Pretty Ladies Kate

Pretty Ladies Kate The lovely Kate is attired in a beautiful dress, vividly hand-rendered and making her a highly sought-after collectable figurine.

Was £100.00 Now £80.00

Pretty Ladies Karen

Pretty Ladies Karen Neil Faulkner has an established reputation as a Royal Doulton designer, his careful observation of women and his sensitive interpretations of the way they stand and move, combined with his appreciation of fashion design, is revealed in every study he creates.

Was £100.00 Now £80.00

Pretty Ladies Rebecca

Pretty Ladies Rebecca Each Pretty Lady is hand-decorated and hand-detailed; truly a sight to behold and a collectible to be cherished for years to come. As fresh as a spring blossom, pretty lady Rebecca is vividly rendered in a hand-painted pink and rose evening dress.

Was £100.00 Now £80.00

Pretty Ladies Amy

Pretty Ladies Amy The very picture of elegance and grace, pretty lady Amy is a beautiful example of Royal Doulton's heritage of craftsmanship and creativity.

Was £100.00 Now £80.00

Toasting Flutes Many Happy Returns (Set of 2)

Toasting Flutes Many Happy Returns (Set of 2) Decorated with contemporary cuts and hand-applied Swarovski crystals, these Toasting Flutes were perfectly designed to toast anybody's birthday or anniversary.

Was £40.00 Now £28.00

Viva Vase White 25cm

Viva Vase White 25cm Royal Doulton’s contemporary Viva range is the perfect homeware accessory. The collect has been thoughtfully designed to be displayed as a full set, a mix and match of a few pieces or individually displayed, so is the perfect home décor solution for any sized home.

Was £35.00 Now £17.50

Pretty Ladies Alexandra

Pretty Ladies Alexandra Royal Doulton Pretty Ladies Alexandra - Since the line was first launched in 1913, the Royal Doulton Pretty Ladies have been some of Royal Doulton's most sought-after collectible figurines.

Was £100.00 Now £80.00

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