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Lilies From Serenata Flowers

When simplicity is the keynote, lilies are the solution. Cultivated for over 3,000 years, these graceful flowers are imbued with symbolic significance and spiritual associations.




Calliope A blush of rosy freckles on the petals and a kiss of yellow at the throats enhance the tender pink of these

Was £34.99 Now £29.99


Seraphim These brilliant white trumpets resonate in an air of dignity, gracing their environment with a sophisticated elegance.

Our Price £29.99

Pearly White

Pearly White Snowy roses and milky lilies drift dreamlike above a compact mound of greenery in this contemporary vased arrangement. Inhale the heavenly scent that floats on high from this cloud of flowers to feel your tensions ease and your spirits rise.

Was £44.99 Now £29.99


Tigerlily Far, far away in lands older than the setting sun, children hear the tale of Tigerlily - the beautiful maiden who captured many a great warrior's heart. All her wild innocent beauty is captured in turn in these striking orange lilies.

Our Price £19.99

Secret Garden

Secret Garden Unlock the magic of your own secret garden where flamboyant pink roses climb the walls and the perfume of white lilies fills the air.

Our Price £24.99

Orange Deluxe

Orange Deluxe You make not be able to travel to the sun, but this solor bouquet of energy is an impact of Cherry Brandy roses with hot cala lillies.

Was £59.99 Now £39.99

Precious Pink

Precious Pink A cute arrangement of soft pink and white blooms makes a perfect gift for those people that are precious to you. The delicate scent of oriental lily with pretty pink lisianthus and white chrysanthemums make this arrangement unforgettable.

Was £24.99 Now £19.99


Lilypalooza Not for the faint-hearted, this eye-busting blaze of zingy orange lilies, running riot with their even zingier yellow buddies are just the thing to jump start anyone's dull day.

Was £24.99 Now £19.99

Tiber Lilies and Roses

Tiber Lilies and Roses Like the Vedic god of storms, this tempestuous hand-tie of glowing Aqua roses, flaming oriental lilies and thunder-blue thistles sweeps across a sky of russet-coloured leaves, wielding weapons of lightening-bolt twigs in an electric display of celestial magnificence.

Was £54.99 Now £49.99

With All My Heart

With All My Heart Soft, pale hues are well suited to expressing true intentions - and this opulent bouquet of Avalanche roses, waxen freesias and snowy eustoma glimmering below starlight-tinted ornithogalum and a milky way of lilies and golden bupleurum articulates not only with candour, but with classic style.

Was £129.99 Now £99.99

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