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Home Maintenance from Expert Verdict

Expert Verdict are delighted to bring you their Home Maintenance range this week. This great range has an array of products that will help you keep your home looking in tip top condition all year round. Please note you can still use the code 06EA to get Free Delivery when you spend £55 or more on your order. To view the full Home Maintenance range, please click here



Super Slim Mont Blanc Tower Fan

Super Slim Mont Blanc Tower Fan This super-slim black tower fan is the stylish way to keep cool this summer. With a footprint of just 30cm square, it uses height plus a wide oscillating sweep to create a cooling breeze of filtered air throughout the room. And because it uses directional louvers rather than whirling blades, it won’t cause annoying draughts or flapping paperwork. Ideal for stuffy offices or any room in the house.

Our Price £69.95

AccuSharp Knife/Tool Sharpener

AccuSharp Knife/Tool Sharpener The best-selling knife sharpener in the world. Used by thousands of chefs worldwide, the US-made AccuSharp will sharpen knives (even serrated blades), axes, shovels and hoes in seconds. It requires no skill, takes about 10 seconds to use, and carries a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee for domestic use. Try it for yourself, and you’ll see why it’s the fastest-selling knife sharpener in the world.

Our Price £17.95

Army Rescue Tape®

Army Rescue Tape® Army Rescue Tape® - so tough that it’s used by the armed forces. This amazing repair tape can even be used as an emergency fan belt! Use it for repairs on plumbing and electrical connections, make emergency O-rings, wrap metal fittings to prevent corrosion – the list is endless.

Our Price £16.95

Interlocking Cushioning Mat Sets

Interlocking Cushioning Mat Sets This instant interlocking flooring will smarten up your shed or workshop at a really low cost. It not only hides cracks and stains, it also provides cushioned 'fatigue' matting for concrete floors where you work or stand for long periods. Also prevents slipping on wet floors - great around sinks and washers.

Our Price £29.95

Slide n Glide Paint System

Slide n Glide Paint System British-made Slide n Glide system allows you to paint far faster than with paintbrushes – even on rough surfaces like Artex, fencing and garage floors – with less mess and using less paint. The secret to Slide n Glide is the scientifically designed pads, which are based on technology used to clean Rolls Royce turbine engines. Over 300,000 fibres pick up the paint and glide it onto any surface, rough or smooth, getting deep down into crevices to create a perfectly smooth painted finish.

Our Price £34.95

Quixx Car Scratch Remover

Quixx Car Scratch Remover Quixx is unequivocally the best car scratch remover on the market. In more than 50 independent tests and reports conducted by specialist magazines, it's the only product evaluated as 'excellent'. And it also came top in a recent test by US Consumer Reports – the equivalent of Which? Magazine here in the UK. Quixx uses minute particles of glass crystal as the abrasive, which combined with pressure creates a process called 'plastic deformation'.

Our Price £16.95

10-Gang Socket Tower

10-Gang Socket Tower No more running out of plug points or scrabbling on the floor to reach them. This unusual extension tower offers no fewer than 10 electrical sockets, far easier to access than ordinary multi-gang sockets. Ideal for hi-fi, TVs, home theatres and computers in your home or office.

Our Price £19.95

Spinning Drain & Pipe Cleaner

Spinning Drain & Pipe Cleaner Blocked toilet, slow-draining sink or pongy plughole? Save on plumbing bills with this professional-quality drain and pipe cleaner. The flexible cable travels easily through up to 13' of pipe work, even U-bends and other tricky manoeuvres. Simply push the cable down the drain or plughole, spin the handle and pull out. Hair, food particles and other gunk are cleared in an instant. Ideal for toilets, baths, showers, sinks and drains.

Our Price £12.95

Silicone Remover & Applicator Kit

Silicone Remover & Applicator Kit If you’ve ever struggled to get a decent finish on bathroom or kitchen sealant, here’s the answer. This 3-piece kit gives you all you need for a perfect finish on almost any sealant. First, use the scraper to prise away the old silicone. Then use the nozzle cutter to open your new silicone tube. Next, apply the silicone and use the surface-cleaning blade to remove any excess. Finally, use the mini trowel to create a clean, slightly concave, professional finish.

Our Price £19.95

Paint Roller Pen

Paint Roller Pen This Paint Roller Pen is an ingenious answer to the problem of scratches, scuffs and marks on your walls. Instead of having to locate the old paint can and get a paintbrush dirty, simply roll over the offending spot with this rolling paint pen. The air-tight mini roller stores the left-over paint after you’ve finished decorating a room, ready for quick, mess-free touch-ups in the months or years to come.

Our Price £9.95

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