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Flooring & Matting At Slingsby

When it comes to the maintenance of your workplace it’s often easiest to start at the bottom and work upwards, which puts flooring at the top of the agenda. Selecting the right flooring is often key to preventing accidents. Visit the Slingsby knowledge centre for our helpful tips on choosing the right flooring and matting for your workplace and useful information on UK Legislation to ensure your workplace is safe.


Deluxe entrance matting

Deluxe entrance matting Superior quality ribbed mat simultaneously removes dirt, grit and moisture. Outstanding durability - suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Our Price £25.16 inc Vat

Electrical safety matting to BS921/1976

Electrical safety matting to BS921/1976 Designed for use in front of open switchboards and high voltage equipment. Provides safety for operatives against electrical shocks.

Our Price £32.03 inc Vat

Economy entrance matting

Economy entrance matting A decorative entrance mat at a budget price. Carpet surface made of 100% continuous filament. Slip resistant with a stain resistant PVC backing.

Our Price £27.60 inc Vat

Broad rib rubber matting

Broad rib rubber matting Durable rubber matting with broad rib surface. Ideal for commercial and industrial applications, including walkways and ramps. Provides insulation against cold concrete floors.

Our Price £12.05 inc Vat

Anti-slip nosings

Anti-slip nosings Slip resistant fibreglass step nosing. Textured finish offers excellent slip resistance. Economical, quickly installed safety feature.

Our Price £15.60 inc Vat

All purpose anti-fatigue modular matting

All purpose anti-fatigue modular matting High quality, extremely durable rubber matting. Designed to offer the highest comfort factor - soft yet resilient material offers excellent fatigue relief properties.

Our Price £52.54 inc Vat

Floor paint - Standard or epoxy ester versions

Floor paint - Standard or epoxy ester versions Provide an attractive hard wearing finish for concrete or similar floors. Excellent for garages, workshops, utility rooms, laundry rooms, etc.

Our Price £39.73 inc Vat

Leisure safety mat

Leisure safety mat Ideal for swimming pools, locker rooms and all wet areas. Anti-bacterial treated plastic prevents growth of fungi and bacteria.

Our Price £35.87

Absorbent mat

Absorbent mat Nitrile rubber duckboard mat with replaceable absorbent top. For medium duty use in wet or oily industrial areas. Rough gripper surface and raised ramps hold mat firmly in place.

Our Price £17.66 inc Vat

Stainless steel anti-slip treads - Treads with 55mm nosings

Stainless steel anti-slip treads - Treads with 55mm nosings A robust floor tread designed to withstand high volume pedestrian traffic and extremes of temperature. Permanent, rugged solution for industrial, food, offshore and public access areas.

Our Price £49.14 inc Vat

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