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Deal Of The Week From ESE Direct

ESE Direct are delighted to bring you their latest Deal of The Week. This week you can get a fantastic 12.5% extra off Avalon and Workgate Barriers. These fantastic barriers are already very competitively priced, and this further reduction from ESE Direct makes them a superb purchase. Below we have picked out some great examples from the Barrier range, but to view the full range available please click here.



TRAFFIC-LINE Temporary Barrier Systems

TRAFFIC-LINE Temporary Barrier Systems The TRAFFIC-LINE temporary barrier system is a competitively priced, versatile system. The modular design of this system means you only have to order what you need, whereas with kits you may well be left with a post or a spare barrier which isn't required. The system conforms to New Roads & Street Works Act and Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual (when used as specified).

Our Price From £10.69

Plastic Temporary Fencing Rolls

Plastic Temporary Fencing Rolls These 1 metre high, 50 metre fencing rolls are available in standard high vis orange as well as green. To support the fencing, pins are available to purchase as a pack of 10. These pins have an overall height of 1.37 metres and are 10mm in diameter, each pin is fitted with a retaining hook which helps to secure the fencing during use.

Our Price From £22.70

Avalon Traffic / Construction Barriers c/w Feet

Avalon Traffic / Construction Barriers c/w Feet The Avalon barriers are a highly visible and robust traffic barrier system with a clever locking feature which makes them highly versatile and suitable for a number of applications, such as crowd control, traffic segregation and open working identification.

Our Price From £37.72

Workgate Manhole Barrier Sets

Workgate Manhole Barrier Sets The Workgate manhole barrier sets are manufactured in one piece from polyethylene, a high density material known for its durability, when combined with the highly visible design it makes the ideal barrier system for street and road works such as cable laying, manhole repairs and other temporary excavation work.

Our Price From £38.71

Plastic Expanding Barrier

Plastic Expanding Barrier With it's highly visible red and white appearance and reflective safety panels, this plastic expanding barrier is difficult to miss and therefore is an ideal solution for cordoning off hazardous areas. Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, this barrier can cope with a range of applications, due to it's ability to expand to a maximum length of 2250mm.

Our Price From £94.10

Water Filled Road And Traffic Barrier - Pallet of 18 Barriers

Water Filled Road And Traffic Barrier - Pallet of 18 Barriers The Water Filled Road and Traffic Barrier is an excellent way of providing clear, easy-to-understand driver and pedestrian guidance. These provisional barriers are commonly set-up for channelling the flow of automobiles or people in high-traffic areas. For drivers too, the presence of big barriers, in bold colours of red and white, is a big help. It becomes easier to manoeuvre the vehicle when a sign is visible from a distance. This helps to prevent parking jams and congestion of traffic.

Our Price From £498.34

Temporary Steel Expanding Barriers

Temporary Steel Expanding Barriers Temporary expanding barriers are ideal for quickly and easily cordoning off areas, such as in the event of safety issues or spillages. They open to a maximum length of 2.5m and 0.95m high. Made from a sturdy steel construction, and an epoxy paint finish, they are available in yellow & black.

Our Price From £52.34

Metal Poles / Stands for Hazard Barrier Tape

Metal Poles / Stands for Hazard Barrier Tape These strong metal pole/stands for hazard barrier tape are designed to provide temporary fenced-off areas to keep out unauthorised individuals. It is simply a matter of wrapping barrier tape between the specially constructed struts to create a secure enclosed area. The posts are perfect for use when cordoning off roadways, construction sites, sports events, hazardous areas and restricted areas where non-authorised personnel are not allowed.

Our Price From £4.30

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