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Brilliant Bags & Wallets From Expert Verdict

Expert Verdict are delighted to bring you their Bags & Wallets collection this week. Full of great products for both men and women to carry their essentials that all carry the Expert Verdict stamp of approval, you are sure to find the perfect bag or wallet for you in this range. Please note you can still use the code 06EA to get Free Delivery when you spend £55 or more on your order. To view the full Bags & Wallets range, please click here



Travelon® ‘Anti-Theft’ Messenger Bag

Travelon® ‘Anti-Theft’ Messenger Bag Our new Best Buy bag for travel and sightseeing is the Anti-Theft messenger bag from Travelon®. Not only is it a roomy, hands-free design, it’s also constructed specifically to foil pickpockets and thieves.

Our Price £39.95

Stainless Steel Wallet

Stainless Steel Wallet Possibly the toughest wallet in the world, this silky smooth stainless steel wallet looks like it's made from space-age fabric – which it is. Using the same technology employed in architecture and aerospace, it has been woven from thousands of flexible, ultra-fine strands of stainless steel.

Was £29.95 Now £19.95 Save £10.00

Pearl Aluminium Credit Card Wallet

Pearl Aluminium Credit Card Wallet Lightweight yet extremely robust, the aluminium Pearl wallet protects your credit cards from bending and demagnetisation. Its elegant, ergonomic design fits in any trouser or jacket pocket or handbag, and is so small and light (just 44g) it can even be stored on a key ring.

Our Price £19.95

22-Compartment Wallet

22-Compartment Wallet Most wallets get overstuffed because they’re just not designed for modern living, but this Chevirex 22-Compartment Wallet has a section for everything.

Our Price £29.95

Beluga Two Compartment Aluminium Wallet

Beluga Two Compartment Aluminium Wallet The first of its kind, the patented Beluga wallet is a feat of German engineering. Lightweight yet extremely robust, it protects credit cards from bending, demagnetisation and illegal RFID scanning of personal data, while also storing your banknotes and receipts in a separate compartment.

Our Price £34.95

Rolling Fashion Tote

Rolling Fashion Tote So much smarter than ordinary trolley bags, this German-designed wheeled tote is the fashionable way to make shopping trips a pleasure. Just raise the telescoping handle and pull the tote effortlessly along – no struggling with heavy bags. It also has a durable carry strap so you can lift it easily in and out of your car.

Our Price £69.95

Chevirex® Leather Tray Purse

Chevirex® Leather Tray Purse Far more convenient than fumbling around in your pockets or bag, the classic tray purse is still the best way to carry your coins – yet surprisingly hard to find in the shops.

Our Price £19.95

Ladies’ Cross-Body Multi-Colour Leather Slimline Bag

Ladies’ Cross-Body Multi-Colour Leather Slimline Bag Most travel wallets are designed for men and look rather sober, so we thought we should inject a little fun and colour for the girls! Exclusively made for us, these slimline leather bags open up to reveal gorgeous multi-colour interiors.

Our Price £29.95

SwissGear Hanging Toiletry Bag, Black

SwissGear Hanging Toiletry Bag, Black Really well thought out, this bag is made by renowned SwissGear, which is why it’s the Swiss Army Knife of wash bags! Engineered for optimum organisation, it also never needs unpacking. Simply unzip and hang it on a door, shower rail or towel rail for instant access to all its contents.

Our Price £19.95

Quattro Lightweight Folding Bag on Wheels

Quattro Lightweight Folding Bag on Wheels Brilliant for shopping trips, the patented Quattro wheelie is also the perfect cabin-size travel bag. It’s lightweight and shower-proof, glides along on 4 wheels for 360° manoeuvrability, and folds down for easy packing and storage.

Our Price £14.95

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