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Beautiful Vases At LSA International

Brighten up any home with our Gorgeous, Modern and Classic Vases here at LSA International.

Affordable prices and Free Delivery on orders over £15!

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COLUMN vase A slim, narrow-necked vase with clean lines and curves - ideal to use with a simple stem or display for stunning contemporary look.

Our Price £10.00

POLKA vase

POLKA vase This spherical vase is handpainted with a rose pink lustre to create a sheer, iridescent finish. A flat, polished rim complements the rounded profile of the vase. Combine with other vases in the Polka collection to create your own colour story. Individually gift boxed.

Our Price £15.00

FLOWER mini table vase

FLOWER mini table vase Mouthblown and produced by skilled glass artisans, this small but weighty vase is ideal for small floral displays or pairing with other mini vases from this collection. Presented in gift packaging.

Our Price £10.00

CUBE vase

CUBE vase Wonderfully heavy, and ideal for a holding few stems on the table during a simple supper. Try using two together for extra impact.

Our Price £11.75

MIA mini vase trio

MIA mini vase trio A trio of miniature vases with distinctive shapes, all made from 100% recycled glass. Fill with posies of wildflowers or use to display a single stem in each. Made from recycled card and printed with organic, biodegradable inks, Mia's gift boxing is also recyclable.

Our Price £16.00

FLOWER sprig vase

FLOWER sprig vase A beautiful little handmade vase for a sprig, perfect for decorating dining tables throughout the year. Comes in its own giftbox.

Our Price £12.00

FLOWER COLOUR table posy vase

FLOWER COLOUR table posy vase Specially designed for table centerpieces, this rich red glass vase creates a sophisticated display for all occasions. Fill with brightly coloured hand-picked flowers in spring or berries and foliage for the festive season. Presented in stylish gift-boxing.

Our Price £19.50

LOFT vase

LOFT vase Traditional glassmaking techniques are used to produce this contemporary bottle-shaped vase. Its organic form is complemented by translucent colour which fades from the rim. Fill with ranunculus or cluster on a mantlepiece with the collection's other miniature vases. Individually gift boxed.

Our Price £15.00

TWEED vase

TWEED vase This spherical vase has hundreds of overlapping grey and white flecks which mimic the mixed yarns of woven tweed. Traditional glassmaking techniques are used to encase colour within the clear walls of the vase, recreating the fabric’s closely knitted texture. Each vase is individually gift boxed.

Our Price £25.00

FLOWER bouquet vase

FLOWER bouquet vase A classic handmade spherical vase with endless creative possibilities - from a dome of blooms to floated, or even, immersed flower heads. Comes gift-boxed.

Our Price £34.00

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