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Lovehoney Affiliate Programme Details

Commission Sales
(per month)
• 10-19% Varied Rates Apply
• Cookie:- 30 Days
• Product Feed Through Impact,
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Optimus Performance
Marketing Contact
Gemma Robinson Gemma Robinson
+44 (0)1752 727857

PPC Policy:-   Lovehoney has an extensive in-house PPC program. We do not want affiliates to compete with our own campaigns or drive up costs: • PPC bidding on the Lovehoney brand name or trademarks (including any variations or misspells such as Love Honey, or Lovehoney, etc) is not allowed. • Please do not bid on “brand + generic” keywords, such as “Lovehoney offers”, “Lovehoney voucher codes”, “Lovehoney lingerie”, etc. • Use of the Lovehoney URL as your display URL is not allowed. Please note we will reverse commissions and reject any affiliates found breaking our PPC Restrictions and indeed any of our other restrictions. Commission can also be withheld or cancelled for affiliates that do not provide any visibility of how they are driving traffic. Voucher Code Policy:- Affiliates may only promote voucher codes that have been notified to them by the Lovehoney affiliate manager or through Impact. We may from time to time issue voucher codes exclusively for the use of individual affiliates. Affiliates may not promote an exclusive voucher code that has been issued to another affiliate. We will reverse any commissions attributed to the unauthorised usage of such voucher codes. Any discounts, offers and promotions should show available expiry dates to ensure customers clearly understand the duration of the promotion. Affiliates are not permitted to promote offers that are not explicitly issued as part of the Lovehoney affiliate program – such as (but not exclusive of) offers Lovehoney have made with partnering companies, offline promotional activities, or in-house, non-affiliate marketing activity such as promotions included with orders, and customer newsletters and emails. Affiliates found breaking these terms will not receive payment for any sales that arise from this breach and could be removed from the program. Please note commission will not be paid on transactions where an exclusive discount code has been applied incorrectly to a different affiliate/type.

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